Why use Mobiloo

Why use Mobiloo?


A 2009 study by the University of Dundee found there was 250,000 people in the UK for whom a standard accessible toilet does not meet their needs. Accessible toilets are great for those who are able to get themselves out of a wheelchair unaided. However, lots of people can’t do this, such as people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and some older people.


For these people, as well as their families or carers, the lack of access to adequate toilet facilities is a real barrier. It often means making a choice between staying at home or risking injury and infection by manually lifting a person out of their wheelchair, on to the floor of a public toilet in order to change them.


Toilets which do meet these needs are often few and far between, but the number is growing rapidly. With this growth in permanent facilities comes a growth in the expectation of people who need to use them about the kind of places they are able to go. With Mobiloo, these expectations can be met, anywhere, opening up venues and locations which were previously inaccessible.


Mobiloo was developed by a not for profit organisation, Active Impact CIC, in response to a practical issue they were facing. Taking groups of disabled and non disabled kids on activity breaks, a frequent problem they faced was a lack of toilet and changing facilities. In partnership with two specialist schools, the Mobiloo was born.


Active Impact quickly realised that if they had needed to come up with this solution, it may be of benefit to other events and organisations, so they began offering it out for hire in 2015. Demand quickly picked up and from a single vehicle in 2015, there is now a fleet of 7 vehicles operating across mainland Britain.


Event organisers have quickly realised that hiring a Mobiloo is often the best way for them to be as inclusive as possible.

Our attended service takes all of the hassle out of providing the facility, and ensures a great user experience. You can see testimonials from hirers and users here


For shorter bookings, Mobiloo is completely self sufficient, not needing access to electric, water or waste disposal to operate.


Mobiloo is a not for profit social enterprise. That means we are above all driven by our mission to make as many events and venues as accessible as possible. Our hire costs are very reasonable and reflect the cost of delivering the service we provide.